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The World Martial Arts Academy first opened its doors in 1945 in Kwangju Province, South Korea. The Founder of the Academy, Great Grand Master Jae Sun Ji (9th Dan) came to the USA in 1961 and opened the first Dojang (training center) outside of Korea.  Located in Flint, Michigan, the school was known internationally for its outstanding results and dynamic, innovative teaching methods. Throughout the years, potential instructors have come from all over the world to study the traditional Martial Arts under Grand Master Ji and his staff. This also includes many Korean Masters who needed to learn how to be better teachers in America.  Our own Grand Master Dave Weatherly was Grand Master Ji's first American Student, and has been a loyal benefactor of all of the Grand Master's knowledge for over 50 years.

Grand Master Weatherly and the World Martial Arts Academy are now located in Linden, Michigan.  

  • The spacious facility is designed to accommodate both students, parents, and spectators, in a very convenient yet private location.

  • We have 3 separate classrooms, each fully equipped with safe padded training areas, and all of the Martial Art equipment needed.

  • Private lessons and mentoring are available for all students.  This one on one attention is something that no other "Karate School" can provide. 

  • We are the only FULL TIME Professional Martial Art Academy in the area.  This means the owner of our school is a Full time Instructor, and does not try to hold down a "day job" somewhere else.  Grand Master Weatherly is (and always has been) totally focused on practicing and teaching the Martial Arts.  This amazing dedication to his profession and to his students has been very inspirational, and continuously motivates our members to succeed in reaching their goals.  This is why, after many years, we have more Black Belts and Masters still training here than at any other school.

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