Tai Chi Program

In our Tai Chi class you will learn an ancient self improvement method that is totally different from other sports or exercise classes.  Tai Chi is a very popular Oriental Holistic fitness program that has the added dimension of healing the mind and body from within.

The class focuses on proper breathing, increasing circulation, and developing internal energy (Ki Power) for improved overall health.  You will learn graceful basic actions, which are actually "Low Impact" exercises in disguise!  Unlike other programs, the class is so fascinating that you will never be bored!

When you are able to perform all of the basic actions as one continuous flowing motion, that is considered a Tai Chi FORM.  The goal is to be able to move smoothly through the FORM without the intervention of conscious thought.  This is very relaxing for both the mind and body; and it is very beneficial in relieving mental and physical stress.

Students typically experience increased flexibility, less body and joint stiffness, increased range of motion, and less pain.  Body balance, coordination, and a more positive outlook on life are also reported by students as a result of Tai Chi practice.

When you leave class you will feel rejuvenated, energized, and ready to tackle life with a  GREAT NEW ATTITUDE. 

 Other  Benefits include:

  • Boosting  the Immune system
  • Slowing  the Aging process
  • Lowering High Blood Pressure
  • Reduces the incident of Anxiety-Depression and improves overall Mood 


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