Tai Chi

Pronounced "Tie Chee"

The ancient Art of Tai Chi has been called a "moving meditation" experience.

The Art involves slow, relaxing exercises, stances, hand and foot motions, and rhythmic drills.  This is called "Wei Gong", or external power training.  Special breathing exercises, mental visualization, inner power development, and "calming the mind" drills are also taught.  This is called "Nei Gong" (Internal Power).

By combining the External with the Internal training the Art helps the student to develop both the Body and the Mind in harmony with each other.  The Oriental theory of Yin/Yang believes that balance between opposites is the key to health and peace of mind.

Tai Chi differs from Yoga in several ways.  Tai Chi emphasizes many more standing and moving actions, as opposed to Yoga's somewhat uncomfortable static poses.  Unlike Yoga, which has very little action, Tai Chi helps develop balance and cardiovascular fitness.   Once learned, the Tai Chi forms are actually quite enjoyable to perform, and are artistically beautiful to watch also.

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