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Traditional Martial Arts can benefit men, women, and children from age 3 and up.  Through diligent practice, the training will help you develop strength, quickness, balance, timing, flexibility, and coordination.  At the same time your powers of concentration, self-discipline, and self confidence will significantly improve.  In addition, faithful practice will enhance circulation and digestion, reduce problems of the back and joints, aid in weight loss, and help to develop and maintain a youthful appearance.  These benefits will positively affect all aspects of your life.
At our Dojang (Training Academy), we teach the four best, most traditional Martial Arts.

Hapkido Tae Kwon Do
The oldest Martial Art in existence, the origin of all other styles. Known as the deadliest fighting art ever devised The most popular Martial Art in the world. Emphasizes punching and kicking skills, and is relatively easy to learn.
Judo Tai-Chi
The art of throwing and grappling. Great for athletic people, helps develop "close quarters" self-defense skills. Also known as Brazillian Ju Jitsu to MMA fans. Boost the Immune system, Slow the Aging process, Lower High Blood Pressure. Reduces the incidence of Anxiety-Depression and improves overall Mood. Tai Chi is known to be the most effective balance and coordination conditioner in the World!

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