Junior Tae Kwon Do Program

For Ages 8-12 years old

Welcome to the exciting World of Tae Kwon Do!!! Students will learn to develop their coordination, physical fitness level, and ability to concentrate. Combined with Tae Kwon Do’s dynamic, flashy kicks and powerful hand striking techniques, the student will learn to be much more self confident.

The class is age specific and includes both boys and girls, training together in a very safe, encouraging, well supervised atmosphere. The learning environment is both physically challenging and mentally stimulating.

Note: Although the kids love the class and DO have fun, it is NOT just “Fun and Games” Gym class stuff. Our students learn self discipline and respect for others, but have the confidence to form their own opinions, speak up, and do what they know to be right. They also “Toughen Up”, and learn to defend themselves with appropriate words, or physically when necessary.

Martial Arts creates the foundation for everything in life. Our classes are designed to develop your child into the type of person you would like them to become. The Life Skills curriculum will help your child know right from wrong and to have the confidence to say No to unhealthy peer pressures.

Get your child enrolled now. Our Martial Arts program is one of the best activities you can have your child participate in. Learning the Martial Arts means your child will possess a gift that won’t ever be lost, stolen, or broken! He’ll develop the right attitude to never give up and always do his best.

Register for a free class and get your child started in an experience that he will benefit from for the rest of his life!!


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