Judo Program

Age: 8 & up


All classes begin with an invigorating warm up that involves exercises to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and speed.

The students also work on Tai Sabaki (secret judo footwork) to help develop their coordination.  This will have the added benefit of making you "Light on your feet", and even outside the Dojo (Martial Art Academy) you will move with a certain grace and poise that others just don't  have.

Next the students practice various rolls to learn how to fall safely.  The entire class is always conducted on  thick soft mats to ensure complete safety.  Once again this vital skill will keep you safe outside the Dojo should you ever take an unfortunate slip or fall.

After the initial warm up session the students are paired up with each other according to rank, size, and experience level. The Instructor will teach various takedowns, throws, pins, and submissions that are appropriate for the age and skill level of each individual student.  Several Assistant Instructors will also circulate among the pairs of students to help them with fine details, and to clarify any questions they may have.

Our Judo class is taught in the true, traditional Oriental manner.  The respect the students feel and show for each other is immediately obvious to even the most casual observer.   

This is Not a "Fight Club", and there is absolutely no rough housing, free-for-all, unsupervised practice allowed.   Students are here to learn the real thing, not try out an MMA/Brazillian JuJitsu move they saw on Television!

Toward the end of class, there will be a fun review of what each pair of students learned.  The Instructor will usually close the class with various training tips or advice, and offer some encouraging words of Wisdom to take home.

Judo will help you get in the best shape of your life, teach you great self defense skills, and make you feel incredibly secure and confident.

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