"The Gentle Way"

Judo is similar to wrestling, but uses many more standing and throwing techniques. It is practiced as a popular sport throughout most of the world, and is even included in the Olympic Games. Our own local students regularly win numerous trophies and medals in fun competition each year.

In our Judo class students go through vigorous physical conditioning, and learn to roll and fall correctly without any injuries whatsoever. They also do a number of special "Judo specific" drills to develop their balance and coordination.

Judo training is broken down into two catagories: Throwing techniques, and Ground Fighting (Grappling).  Unlike Tae Kwon Do or Hapkido, students of Judo do not use their hands or feet to strike their opponent.  Emphasis is placed on using leverage, momentum, and science to quickly throw or sweep the other person to the ground.

Precision, speed, strategy, and proper timing are necessary to be able to use the opponents size and strength against him.  With practice, it is possible to amost effortlessly take a larger attacker to the ground!

Students also learn to take the initiative to be able to to turn the tables on the opponent once they are on the ground.  Judo grappling differs from, and is more advanced than wrestling in several ways.  In addition to pins, Judo students also learn a number of arm locks, and choking techniques to either immobilize the opponent or make him submit ("tap-out").

Great coordination, confidence, and physical strength are developed by regular Judo practice.

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