Hapkido Program

For Self Defense Hapkido is unsurpassed!! It combines the many punching and hand striking skills of boxing, Kung Ku, and Karate, the takedowns and throws of Judo/JuJitsu, the fancy kicking techniques of Tae Kwon Do, and many unique joint locking and pressure point skills to make it the most effective and complete form of Self Defense ever devised.

Philosophically, Hapkido stresses humility, self-discipline, self -control, loyalty, and respect for others.  Together, these aspects of Hapkido provide the means for attaining a long and healthful life.

Age 13 & up


  •  All classes are taught or supervised by Grand Master Weatherly.  As a 9th Degree Black Belt, he brings more than 53 years of knowledge to our classes.  With more than 4 times the experience of any other karate teacher or school in the area, his teachings are amazingly profound, yet easy to relate to and understand.  So much so, that even the newest students catch on, see real results, and make rapid progress!
  • Adults train with adults;  there are NO wild little kids running around to disrupt the classes.
  • Serious results  require serious training, with no distraction.  Our classes are warm and welcoming, yet are held in a "cozy" but private facility, designed specifically for our programs.

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