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Grand Master Weatherly started Martial Arts training in 1961 in Korean Yudo (Judo). After 1 year Great Grand Master Jae Sun Ji began teaching Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan in the same building.  Master Weatherly became his first American student. Back in those days classes were held 7 days per week. If you did not attend every available class, you were generally considered a poor student             ("Pa Ja")!  A PaJa, because of his lazy attitude, was never taught any of the advanced techniques, and was only shown simple, basic skills. Classes were very physically, intellectually and spiritually demanding... Read More>>

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WELCOME to the exciting World of the Martial Arts. Training in our traditional Martial Arts program teaches discipline of the mind, body, and spirit. Benefits include greatly increased self confidence, self control, and overall self improvement. Your motor coordination, fitness level, and overall health will also improve quickly, as will your ability to defend yourself. All classes are personally taught or supervised by Grand Master Dave Weatherly. As a 9th Degree Black Belt and retired National and International Champion, he has over 53 years of consistent Martial Art training and teaching experience. This is more than 4 times the experience of any other Instructor in Genesee County!  With experience comes knowledge, and Grand Master Weatherly is widely recognized as easily the most knowledgeable and skillful Martial Art expert in the entire state of Michigan. Grand Master Weatherly's experience and knowledge are a fantastic benefit to anyone who trains at our World Martial Arts Academy.

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